Men’s & Women’s Annual Health & Wellness Screens are available now! The screens are FDA approved, non-invasive, painless and highly informative. If you have comprehensive health coverage, the screen might be covered by your insurance. The cost of the screen includes interpretation of your results by a qualified MD as well as recommendations for improving your overall health score. If you are anxious about a certain symptom or an illness that runs in your family, you are a candidate for a wellness screen. If you avoid seeing your primary care physician because it is inconvenient, you don’t have health insurance, or you feel you are in generally  good health, you are a candidate for a wellness screen. Are you curious about your baseline health markers and interested in having a tool that can track your health progress? If so, you are a candidate for a wellness screen.  Regular price is $249.

SPECIAL going on now for $179, includes medical marijuana evaluation! Ask about discounts when you purchase more than one.

Click here to watch a short video about the screen in women or in men.